The Quality, To Begin With

  Every Relpro instrument passes through a system of strict quality control after each manufacturing step, guaranteeing the highest quality only. The quality control is both the inherent one and the one complying with international standards.

The Steel, To Be Sure

We procure our own special steel with a higher percentage of carbon and chromium. Instruments fabricated out of this steel guarantee a longer life and durable functionality.

Experienced Craftsmen, To Create Master Pieces

All instruments are crafted by hand. Be it forging, machining, grinding and sharpening, all these processes are performed by our trained and experienced craftsmen. During manufacturing, every single instrument passes through numerous steps and every step is followed by an inspection process. We do understand what depends on the high quality of our instruments and to this end we allocate our best resources.

Intended and Specified Use, The Long Life

Always use the instrument for the function it has been designed for. Surgical Instruments are ultra fine precision instruments. A misuse can result in severe damage to the working points. Increase the life of instrument by it proper and correct use only. A pair of scissors is meant for cutting soft tissues only. It should not be used to lift bones or for exploring and scrapping purpose.