Band Removing Plier Long Pad

Band Removing Plier long Pad

Size: 14 cm

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Long, narrow chisel-tip beak facilitates removal of posterior bands. Also useful for removing direct-bonded. The alignment of the tip and occlusal pad is well suited for posterior band removal. The band removing plier long pad will remove pad with maximum patient comfort. The tip is postured in the middle of the pad for band removal ease. A plastic padded tip and a sharp removing beak allow, with a slight pressure, easy band removal. Band removing orthodontic pliers help remove bands, brackets and adhesives. The tip or beak of the band removing orthodontic pliers may be serrated or specially formatted for precision gripping. There may be a replaceable plastic pad on the end of the tip for proper occlusal counterforce. These pliers may be better suited for anterior bands or posterior bands, or may work for both anterior and posterior bands. The grip should be comfortable and long enough for proper accessibility.


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