Castroviejo Needle Holder Straight And Curved Fig 1

Castroviejo Needle Holder Straight – Curved Smooth Jaws

Size: 18 cm

2779 – Straight

2779 A – Curved

Dental Instruments


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Castroviejo needle holder is used for clamping of the needle when laying suture. With help of the needle holder, the needle is fixed and thus cannot slip. Due to the filigree form the needle can be performed optimally and there is a low risk of injury during surgery for patient and surgeon. Most needle holders are used for precise guidance of surgical needles. Other models are equipped with or without lock or allow various types of gripping. The product is straight with lock, smooth jaws, round handle and length of 18 cm. Recommended suture sizes: 5-0, 6-0, 7-0



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