Castroviejo Needle Holders Straight TC Fig 3

Castroviejo Needle Holders Straight & Curved TC


3073 A – 18 cm

3073 B – 18 cm

Dental Instruments



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Tungsten Carbide Castroviejo Needle Holder used to grasp suture needles during suturing when pushing / pulling the needles and suture through tissue. It features a double spring, flat handle, and it is available with straight or curved jaws. It is also available with or without a locking mechanism. The small tips of this needle holder are ideal for handling small, delicate needles and sutures. TC instruments are designed to stay sharp for a significantly longer period of time than other standard instruments. TC instruments are identified by gold handles. This product has straight, cross-serrated jaws, an overall length of 18 cm inches and a locking mechanism.



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