Cushing Vein Retractor Straight

Cushing Vein Retractor Straight

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Cushing Vein Retractor is a handheld retractor commonly used in intracranial or large bone and joint procedures. This single-ended instrument has a teardrop, fenestrated handle that tapers into a sharply curved retractor. Cushing Vein Retractor is a more light-weight instrument due to its fenestrated handle. This vein retractor can be used during general surgeries to retract veins or other small tissues. It may also be used in other medical procedures such as neurosurgery to pull back tissue. A Cushing Vein Retractor is also used in dentistry for pulling mouth muscles and in a general surgery push tissues due to surgery time. In a surgery or neurosurgery Cushing Vein Retractor plays a sensitive role in an operation.


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