High Tech Plasterless Articulator Galetti

High Tech Plasterless Articulator Galetti

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Relpro Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed of metal alloy casting. The high quality articular provides easy, speedy and firm grasps of models of any size. This item has perfect occlusal-articulator balance to prevent cuspidal interferences and maintains a balanced prosthetic appliance.This articulator allows for easy separation of upper and lower components to form two different stable working bases. The ball bearing joint allows for free motion of the upper appliance to check the occlusal-articulator balance. The hinge axis with bilateral motion gives the capability for anterior, posterior and lateral movements to show working and balancing movements. No plaster work or accessories are required, and they are easy to clean. Galetti is quality articulator that provides for the easy firm grasp of models of any size. It control the correct occlusion with maximum precision. The articulator is adjustable screws at rears & front.



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