Mayo Lexer Scissors Curved TC

Mayo Lexer Scissors Curved TC

Size: 16 cm

Dental Instruments


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Mayo Lexer Scissors can be used in multiple procedures and settings. They have a standard beveled blade. Depending on physician preference, both the straight and the curved version may be sued interchangably, but the curved instrument is most commonly utilized for cutting or dissecting dense or deep tissue.Tungsten Carbide known as TC is up to five times harder than stainless steel. Scissors blades with TC inserts on the cutting edges last much longer than stainless steel blades. Tungsten Carbide is good for cutting cartilage or for many repeated cuts such as in necropsy studies.Tungsten Carbide Scissors provide an exceptionally hard and durable cutting edge designed to stay sharp for a significantly longer period of time than standard scissors. We make sure the permanent bonding of the tungsten carbide inserts to the blade of the scissors which maximizes control and precision as well.


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