Relpro instruments have a modern manufacturing facility situated in the United Kingdom. Using state of the art technology and modern innovations with highly qualified technicians, we manufacture a complete range of surgical and dental instruments using stainless steel of the highest quality. Our instruments are well known for their high quality, durability and performance. We are constantly striving to meet the high demands and requirements of our customers. In this respect, we collaborate with surgeons from all over the world to incorporate new designs for medical technology that would suit and accommodate the constantly changing environment in the surgical field. We realize this continuous development in the medical technology can only be sustained in close cooperation with the surgeons who use the tools and evaluate them. Through an extensive network of dealers established in almost every continent, we ensure that our range of instruments are promoted to our customers by an experienced sales force who are constantly trained and updated on the latest innovations and instruments. All RELpro Instruments are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. In addition to our surgical instruments, we also provide a complete range of Dental Instruments Sterilization Containers/Accessories and Stainless Steel Hollowares. As an innovative company, we are always striving to include the latest medical technology and new products and hope to establish our self as a leading instruments provider to the medical device industry. We also act as consultants to various new hospital projects and are able to offer our Recommended Surgical Instruments Sets and at the same time we also accommodate our customers’ requests for their Surgical Instruments Sets contents as per their requirements.