Loop Forming Bending Pliers

Loop Forming – Bending Pliers

Size: 12.5 cm

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Loop forming orthodontic pliers are designed to create loops in arch wires. These pliers have specially designed tips to facilitate the creation of the loops in wires of different shapes, so be sure to have pliers designed to work with the wire you are using on a specific case. These pliers should be durable, autoclavable and ready to handle all your loop forming needs. Loop forming plier has one round and one concave beak for making loop. This plier is used in various loop in various appliances. Loop forming plier is designed for making loops in round rectangular wires up to 0.22 x 0.28” (0.56 x 0.71 mm). The cylindrical beak has three section 0.045” (1.14 mm), 0.60” (1.52 mm) 0.75” (1.90 mm). Each section is 0.90” in length. The concave beak has slight parallel serrations which orient and keep the wire at a right angle to the beaks while the loop is being formed.



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