Reynolds Wire Bending Contouring Pliers

Reynolds Wire Bending – Contouring Pliers

Size: 13 cm

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Reynolds contouring pliers are used in the orthodontic field, to make minor adjustments to removable prosthetics such as partials and retainers. Reynolds contouring wire bending pliers, loop forming pliers, arch forming pliers and a variety of additional wire forming pliers. Contouring orthodontic pliers are ideal for forming and contouring arch wires, reshaping molar bands and enhancing crown form contours. They also are especially useful for placing accentuated curves in wires. Contouring orthodontic pliers may feature a grooved tip surface for precise gripping of specific size arch wires or may be non-grooved for contouring of any wire at any position of the tip. The tips should provide a sure grip to prevent scoring of the wire while contouring and bending arch wires.


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