Standard Scissors Blunt Blunt Straight TC

Standard Scissors Blunt – Blunt Straight TC


3004-A = 14.5 cm

3004-B = 16.5 cm

3004-C = 18.5 cm

Dental Instruments


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Instrument Tungsten Carbide Operating or Standard Scissors, also known as Surgical Scissors, are a versatile surgical instrument. With three available tip configurations (sharp/sharp, blunt/blunt, or sharp/blunt), varying curvatures and multiple lengths, these scissors are used for general, multipurpose cutting and dissecting. Sharp Operating Scissors cut tougher tissue and are frequently used for dissecting, whereas blunt Operating or Standard Scissors are more often used for cutting materials such as sutures, tubing, or gauze. TC instruments are designed to stay sharp for a significantly longer period of time than other standard instruments. TC instruments are identified by gold handles. This product is straight with smooth, blunt/blunt tips.


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