Rubber Dam Clamps Upper Molars

Rubber Dam Clamps Upper Molars

Size:76D-4, 76D-5,

76D-8, 76D-26N, 76D-30,

76D-31, 76D-201, 205

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A Dental rubber Dam Clamps used to secure the dam to the teeth that are to be isolated and to minimally retract the gingival tissue. The fit of the rubber dam essentially depends on the choice of the appropriate clamp and its correct positioning. The clamps are classified as winged or wingless. The dentist may choose those with which he feels more comfortable. The positioning techniques vary slightly, but the final result is the same. Sometimes wingless clamps are preferable, inasmuch as they are less bulky and may be used easily in the posterior sectors in patients with particularly thick cheeks.



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