Simplex Cheek and Lip Retractors

Simplex Cheek and Lip Retractors

Size: 10.5 cm

Dental Instruments


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Simplex Lip and Cheek Retractor is a curved instrument used to open the mouth from one side in oral procedures, like repairs of the oro-antral fistula. It has an overall size of 10.5 cm and consists of a fenestrated handle, a narrow neck, and a concave blade. The blade is placed at the angle of the mouth, and lubricating its lower aspect makes it less traumatic and more convenient for the patient. The handle can be used to pull the lips and cheeks laterally, and a round fenestration in the blade allows this to be done using hooked instruments so that the assistant’s hand can be kept away from the surgical line of view. Simplex Lip and Cheek Retractor, Double-Ended is a medical instrument used in the practice of dentistry and oral surgery. The cheek retractor is designed to pull the cheeks away from the mouth and hold them in place to leave the mouth exposed during a procedure.


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