Mathieu Needle Holders TC FIg 5

Mathieu Needle Holders TC


3095 = 14 cm

3095-A = 17 cm

3095-B = 20 cm

Dental Instruments


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Mathieu TC Needle Holder is a single spring instrument with a plier handle grip that curves inward at the bottom and features a ratchet locking mechanism at the base of the handles that can be easily squeezed to be locked and unlocked. This needle holder is used when more refined suturing is required. The needle holder designed for firmly and securely holding and guiding small needles during suturing. For surgeons who make heavy demands of their instruments we recommend those that possess tungsten carbide (TC) inserts, which help them last five times as long as normal steel. SMS permanently bonds tungsten carbide inserts to the instrument, which maximizes control and precision. TC instruments are identified by gold handles. This product is straight with cross-serrated jaws.


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